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monkeying around

If Kosuke Fukudome does indeed sign with a Major League Baseball team, I hope he doesnt have very much success, because Id hate to see a baseball stadium named after him. (Everyone come out to the grand opening of the Fuk-u-dome!)

Someone once asked me if I would take the opportunity to have a monkey as a pet for a weekend, if ever given the chance. At first, I wrote this off as probably the dumbest question Id ever heard Id probably say yes to that question quicker than Id say no to someone asking if they could sever my spinal cord (it could happen). But then I thought about it for a second, and I realized that it was really a trick question.

The hardest part is letting the monkey go.

Of course the reflexive answer would be a resounding yes, Ill take that monkey, but one must realize that the weekend will soon be over and the pair that shared so much bonding will be again thrust apart. Does the thought of missing that monkey and crying oneself to sleep every night alter the initial response to the question? No, I dont think it should Id still take the monkey. But just be aware that all good things must end.