These sites were all created by and are copyrights of CGHM Networks. Most of these sites are no longer being developed:

  • BondCenter: BondCenter was one of the earliest CGHM websites and is the only website on the internet that is entirely devoted solely to James Bond 007 for the Gameboy. If youre looking for walkthroughs, hints, codes, descriptions, bosses, levels, and everything else there is about this game, youll find it here.
  • CGHMobile: Downloads for MIPs-based Palm PCs and Pocket PCs running Microsoft Windows CE 2.0 or higher.
  • HM World: All you need for information on Harvest Moon games! If you dont know what Harvest Moon is, go to this site and youll find out pretty quick.
  • RZ2: RZ2, or RedAlertZone 2, is the best place for Red Alert 2 info, downloads, screenshots, and everything else you could want concerning this excellent strategy game.
  • SimpsonsCenter: Orphaned by CGHM Networks, SimpsonsCenter remains perennially under construction. It has a massive amount of trivia pertaining to the animated TV show, the Simpsons.
  • SurvivalKids: CGHMs Survival Kids site has everything you need to know about Survival Kids for the Gameboy by Konami. This has downloads, a guide, cheats, screenshots, and more information concerning this RPG.

These sites are affiliate sites created by others or by CGHM for others:

  • Death Zeppelin: This is the only place on the web where you can get a good laugh. Comics are given life via Director 8 and then brought to you by Death Zeppelin productions. Adobe Shockwave player is required to view.
  • Tards Incorporated: Tards software development delivers quality software and media content for the demanding consumer. New content is added regularly. Java is required for most programs.