terrible political generalities

Heres a potentially incredibly offensive observation Ive made: ones political inclinations are directly related to his levels of wealth and intelligence, but those two factors must be examined concurrently. This is not an examination of the relationship between intelligence and wealth, although the two may be associated. Rather, this suggests that those who are poor and stupid have different political views than those who are poor and smart, and those who are rich and stupid are different than those who are rich and smart. Lets examine further, but first, heres a graph for clarification (click to enlarge):

political_affiliationsAs we see, if you lack wealth and intelligence, youre more likely to support Republican views. For an example supporting this, see Kelsys letter here. Conversely, those lacking wealth but with higher levels of intelligence (or at least education) tend to support Democratic ideals. This is exemplified by the overwhelming college student support for Barack Obama, although college students arent necessarily as bright as they once were. Of course, those lacking intelligence make up the bulk of support for both parties.

On the other end of things, we see that if youre very rich but very stupid, you tend to be more liberal, as witnessed by Sean Penn and Orlando Bloom (oh I how loathe him). However, if you are rich and intelligent, you are more likely to support Republicans. No better proof of this is seen than in Donald Trumps support for John McCain, or, better yet, the Chuck Norris and his unabashed conservatism.

I wont attempt to explain why these trends occur; thats for you to decide. But most people fall somewhere in the middle, where its a toss-up between either party. And theres also the Green Party thrown in there just to screw everything up a little bit.