Compu-Global Hyper Meganet is an Internet company hosting a variety of informative websites and articles. Its goal is to enlighten and entertain, while raising awareness of important social issues, such as technology and classic episodes of The Simpsons.


CGHM was established mid-February 2000. Founded by Covert, the network was originally devoted to bringing the public websites which supplied information about video games and other pertinent topics. CGHM began with only RedAlertZone (a site devoted to the game Command & Conquer: Red Alert by Westwood Studios) and MegaCheats (a site intended to have cheat codes and tips for various games on different consoles), but over time new sites were added and old ones were deleted.

The original core websites were Harvest Moon World (HM World), RedAlertZone 2 (RZ2), CGHMobile, BondCenter, SimpsonsCenter, and SurvivalKids. HM World is the most well-developed of all of the CGHM sites. In March of 2000, a site called the Enternet was founded, intended to be a hub of useful links for use as an Internet start page. The concept was quickly abandoned, and in May of 2000 RedAlertZone 2, or RZ2, was established to cover the sequel to Red Alert Red Alert 2. Later that month the main CGHM site was moved to the more hospitable, where it would remain for several years. In December of that year, CGHMobile was founded, and in September of 2001, some major changes took place. RedAlertZone was mysteriously deleted, and the MegaCheats concept was abandoned out of an inability to deliver the intended content. HM World was also started in this month.

In April 2002, CGHM began to pay for banner-free service, and because of this all of the CGHM sites were moved to the one central location at In November 2004 the site and its affiliates were moved to their current resting place at

a modern makeover

In September 2005, CGHM was re-imagined as a site providing a wealth of articles on topics ranging from nature to religion to video games. This new format would support guest writers and allow for comments and discussions of topics both existential and mundane. Since June 2007, CGHM Nature has featured an original gallery; it shares breathtaking, unaltered photographs of the natural world. CGHM was refreshed with a beautiful custom landing page in 2009 with links to make its copious content more accessible.

awards and accolades

CGHM Networks is a proud recipient of the Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

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