My BF2 Stats

Battlefield 2 is a highly-addictive computer game which mimics real-time modern combat. Players compete using a variety of weapons, vehicles, and tactics. However, the most valuable competitor is one who knows how to play the game in the most brutally unfair way.

Tactics utilized by the more adept players include hopping, diving, spawn camping, chopper whoring, glitching, team killing, C4 camping, stat padding, sniping, grenade spamming, and claymore dropping. Many of these tactics may be seen in the BF2 gallery below. In my time as a member of the infamous Tard squad, I've done it all. Since BF2 is essentially abandoned by its developer, EA Games, server admins are left to police the game for themselves, and many fall painfully short of doing an adequate job in this regard.

To succeed at the game, the main thing to remember is this: nothing is too "cheap" to be considered fair play. My name is ACTION_Gandhi, and I've probably already teamkilled you - at least twice.

Tard Squad Videos

Tard Introduction Tards Spawn Killers Tards Team Killing