i really hope somebody got fired for that blunder

Are those meat-eatingMeatasauruses?

Its deplorable to create a childs toy that is grossly inaccurate to the point of skewing a childs view of something as fundamental as diet. Im sure youve heard of this from all the major news outlets by nowGamestop is offering a bonus LEGO set for pre-ordering the game LEGO Jurassic World. This set depicts a trap set for the elusive Gallimimus, a creature whose name (chicken mimic) reflects its close resemblance to a modern ostrich. And a creature depicted in the LEGO set with a short neck, an elongated head and snout, and, of course, rows of razor-like teeth, presumably for shredding the drumstick found as bait in the trap.

In reality, Gallimimus (like the ostrich) had a small head atop a long, slender neck, with a beak, with no teethand ate plants.

I agree with your indignation at this atrociously fallacious playset. But before you write your senator, Ill propose a simple fix: dont call it a Gallimimus. Call it a Compsognathus, or even an infant dromaeosaur you know, something that eats meat. Problem solved.

Or just give a big screw you to any dinosaur fan over the age of four and change the name to Stegosaurus. Whatever.

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