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I like sticking it to The Man. In this instance, The Man is all the cell phone manufacturers that decided the populace only wanted phones with 5.5 screens. So when I saw a need to upgrade from my Galaxy S4 to a phone that would not turn off or reboot without warning, I chose the only sensible device: Sonys Xperia Z3 Compact.

from sony

The Z3 Compact is not just small, but powerful. While Google was releasing a Nexus phone with a stinking 6 screen that requires two hands, one foot, and a backpack to properly transport and use, Sony did the world a favor and made a compact phone with some actual guts. Yes, Samsung and HTC have smaller phones in their lineups, but theyre under-powered or have pathetic cameras or other grave drawbacks. The Xperia Z3 Compact actually has everything the big boys have, in a device the size of a phone.

Power? Check: a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor with 2 GB RAM and Adreno 330 graphics. Camera? Check: a 20.7 MP Sony shooter with HDR and 4K video modes. Battery life? Check: this thing packs a 2600 mAh battery that can make it over two days of use without recharging. Lets just throw in expandable memory via microSD, water- and dustproofing, magnetic charging, dual front-facing speakers, and a more-than-acceptable 720P 4.6 display.

Lets talk about that last point a bit. Not only are companies driving up the girth of phones unnecessarily, but thanks to the iPhones Retina display theyre competing against a false perception for the award of most useless pixel density. As the resolutions push into the stratosphere, weve long surpassed the point where even the most visually acute can distinguish a difference and instead traded off performance and battery life for theoretical one-upmanship. I applaud Sony for realizing that a 7201280 resolution looks beautiful on a 4.6 screen.

Its not all rosy, though. The Z3 Compact lacks a removable battery, and it has a glass back, which is reportedly scratch-prone. The Z3 Compact must be bought unlocked from Sony as it is not tied to any carriers in the U.S., and there is a lack of really nice case options for it at the moment (the Cruzerlite Bugdroid case is probably the best, but its not high-class). However, its camera, battery life, and expandable storage make it better than the Motorola X, and its compact size and less-invasive (or gimmicky) software put it atop the Galaxy S5.

(I guess the iPhone 6 is a smaller smartphone tooif youre counting that.)

4 thoughts on xperia z3 compact

  1. I was running Cyanogenmod on my S4 and it couldnt prevent the random reboots. Its nice, but I dont hate Sonys Android tweaks (yetthey may grate on me over time).

    Im just running Nova launcher right now.

  2. Its been good. I have an issue with texts not coming through and voice calls going straight to voicemail if Im on WIFI and have both LTE and WIFI enabled, but Ive read lots of reports of this issue with other Android phones too so I think theres something bigger at play. In the meantime, Ive switched off the LTE and it works fine, as I wasnt hitting those peak speeds anyway.

    Other than that, I dont take it out of its case, but as far as I know that glass back is holding up. Battery lifes still crazy good. I rarely have less than 70% left after a full day.

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