crossover spectacular


A month or so ago, it was made public that The Simpsons would be making a soccer-themed episode which would feature animated versions of Chelsea players. Even though I no longer watch new episodes of The Simpsons, they share a great deal of my past and having two of my interests coincide is pretty neat.

Its funny they wasted time drawing Fernando Torres in a Chelsea uniform though. :)


But I also spent my youth playing with LEGO minifigures, and now I see that theyre making The Simpsons characters in LEGO form, which is the embodiment of awesomeness. Apparently they already sell a version of the Simpsons house, but theyre adding several other key characters. These figures come with some nice details too, like Burns Blinky, Ralphs I choo-choo-choose you! card, and Maggies Bobo bear. I do wish they had a Groundskeeper Willie, as hes one of my favorite characters, but this is a good cross-section of life in Springfield.

I may have to teach the baby to play with LEGOs sooner rather than later

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