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Posted on January 7, 2013

djangoPG One of the perks of living in a small town is that the local theater only shows special family-friendly versions of those sleazy Hollywood films. Or perhaps they actually don't, but the local paper accidentally prints a "PG" where an "R" should be, some unsuspecting parents take their little ones, and hilarity ensues.

While on the topic of Django, watch Samuel L. Jackson give this guy a hard time about not using the full extent of the "n" word during an interview...and tell me that wouldn't be one of the most awkward, terrifying moments of your life... (nsfw):

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  1. so how was unchained? also, you seem to reference a video but no hyperlink.

  2. also, you should hook this up to your g+ so that I can +1 it lazily

  3. Video vanished. Ill try again.

  4. Also, I havent seen Django yet. But I want to.

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