new man cave

In order to offset the addition of a category called parenting to this website, Ive got to put something up about my manly new place to escape from the rigors of rearing and watch baseball, play video games, and even go to the bathroom.


It took over a week for Comcast to get up and take our money, and were finally back on the grid. Zuckerberg has had no idea what weve been doing in the meantime, and the NSA only has a slight idea because my cellphone coverage has been so sporadic. Because Ive now entered the magic words and this post is forever monitored by security agencies everywhere, Ill just wrap up with this: the Internet is fast, at least until Comcast decides to throttle it or cut it entirely at their whim.


3 thoughts on new man cave

  1. That is some rocking new digs.

    Dont let the jumping knifers get to you too much on BattleField x

  2. I wish I didnt know how bad BF3 was. It would almost make me a big enough sucker to buy BF4.

    Yes, I have a Vita, and its in desperate need of a new game to play. Ive been playing That Baseball Game on it, with the occasional foray back into FIFA.

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