Posted on August 23, 2012

My new home has sliding "pocket" doors. Wikipedia would have you believe that these are more convenient for the elderly to open and close, but I disagree - at least if they're as sturdy and un-lubricated as the ones we have. As it is - especially when combined with my lack of upper body strength - the doors take considerably more work than a traditional door would, and serve only to hinder me as I try to keep the puppy from following me and ultimately gnawing on my stuffed bear.

But that's really more of a personal problem. It's been a great while since I've commented on social or political issues...and nothing's going to change about that today. In technology news, there's nothing to report for the last two years or so. Google has been adding uninspiring iterations to its Android OS, sheep are salivating over the prospect of a shinier but altogether equally hampered iPhone/iPad release, Microsoft is readying its "revolutionary" new Windows with giant colorful tiles and hamstrung functionality, and the major game consoles are mired in a stagnant generation that's going on its seventh year. Perhaps it's this last point that has made the greatest contribution to my implacable electronic ennui.

Then there's employment, that concurrently coveted yet despised occupier of free reign, a necessary device without which no other cogs could be set in motion. Education begets employment, which begets repetition, which begets retirement - and somewhere in the midst, life abruptly happens with the burgeoning family and aged ascension. I suppose it's best that life seems to move at its most glacial pace when you're young and the world is new and exciting, because once you figure out how it works... Well, I suppose we live in the best of all possible worlds.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is, I want a new Playstation or Xbox, or some smashing new PC games, or a sharp spike in the current global warming trend to create a Waterworld and make some excitement around this place.

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  1. Dark Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouls!

  2. My embed didnt work!

    Here you go, Mr. Dentist:

  • I cannot believe the Apple v Samsung verdict.

    My brain is still hurting. What a terrible verdict. The software/trade dress patent system is a sack of crap. Imagine the hell we would be living in if these vague and all powerful software patents were around during the time of Apple v Microsoft. Steve Jobs must be laughing in his grave. Ill find whatever remains of his body and piss on it. Thats my new lifes MO.

  • Personally im just glad Apple won. Every1 else in the world copys Apple and i dont like showing people my iphone and their phone has cooler features than mine. im like, apple needs those features. how about a trade? but no. apple gets the shaft well this time they got the win and the money so all you fandroids can go sit on a lemon bicycle bilt for 2

  • Trevor,

    Go back to your cave, you 12 year old girl who cried until mummy and daddy bought you an iPhone. This is exactly what Im talking about.

  • @Plaque Conspiracy, You make some very valid points. In fact, its true that studies have failed to show any improvement in the teeth of talking milkshakes despite rigorous brushing.

    @Basketball Jones, I dont know. On the one hand, some of those Samsung phones look frustratingly similar to the iPhone. On the other hand, its patently (heh!) absurd that Apple could claim ownership of a grid of icons and a device with rounded corners. I blame the judges for granting ridiculous patents, Samsung for blatantly trying to copy the contemptible iPhone, and Apple for existing.

    @Trevor (the Wishing Troll), lol


  • What kind of thing from the future actually screams its prime directive, much less its relation from the current point of time, before indiscriminately killing its creators? Thats just idiotic.


  • I think theres a quote that aptly describes this article and comments: I would never dress in drag. Mark Twain

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