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I dont know a lot about basketball.

Still, I find it humorous that the sports analysis shows can spend so much time breaking down these games of the NBA finals when the scores are only 2-4 points apart. Obviously the teams are very evenly matched, so much so that the final result of the game can hinge on a single shot.

How much analysis is really necessary? If Dwayne had made his shot, and Dirk had missed his, the pundits wouldve found an hour of different material to throw around about how the Mavericks need to drastically change their strategy in order to win. But actually, what both teams did was good enough to win. One team just scored last, and then time ran out.

But its still better than football.

2 thoughts on im no harvey globetrotter

  1. I find this incredibly ironic, seeing how much you love watching a game thats 3 hours long, but only has 15 minutes of action (

    Wait, wheres the irony? Basketball has much more action than baseball, and I never said otherwise. I was just talking about how evenly matched the teams are but that commentators can make them seem worlds apart in a post-game analysis.

    And the tension and anticipation of action is what makes a baseball game enjoyable for me.

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