undead nightmare

Just in time for Halloween, Red Dead Redemption is adding a zombie expansion. Ordinarily I'm no fan of zombie games, but RDR is so excellent that any large new campaign seems worthwhile (I've passed on the smaller multiplayer downloads). And here's something unexpected: the virtual world is now populated by at least one Sasquatch...just what the wild west was missing. You haven't really played a video game until you've played one where you can lasso Bigfoot (and hopefully drag him behind your horse to show the townsfolk).

Now, back to studying.

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  1. If you had a PS3, we could have played together.

    I will be getting this tonight.

  2. Im getting it as we speaktoo bad I have a test tomorrow.

    I am beginning to wish I had a PS3 instead of an Xbox. I wish the next generation of systems would hurry up and get here so we can all get back together.

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