the greatest battlefield is love

Do you even still play that game? Ehh, I'm posting this anyway.

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Austimus Prime, baby.
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  1. lol we play every once in a while

  2. This is what I would call a deal breaker.

  3. I had a better joke in mind when I started to draw itand forgot it when it was time to put the words in. Hahaha.

  4. lol. Well-played.

    I could imagine the situation that would delay me to the aisle: I was only going to play for a couple of minutes, but some guy got a lucky headshot on me and I had to spend thirty minutes tracking him down to get revenge. On my way, a series of misfortunes delayed me: my car got bombed by a jet, I was spawnkilled by a helicopter (twice), and I walked straight into an artillery barrage.

    Such is life.

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