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I will never understand baseball's "earned run" rule. Without bothering to look up the actual definition of the rule, I do know that it's meant to protect pitchers from being unfairly blamed for runs that score as the result of errors. It would seem, then, that if a batter hits a ball that is misplayed by the center fielder, and said batter-runner comes around to score on the exact same play, and the official ruling on the play is "a double" and "a two-base error," then the run scored by the batter-runner should be unearned. It was the error, after all, that allowed him to score; a double does not count as a run.

I hate baseball.

On that note, here's Melky Cabrera of the erratic 2010 Atlanta Braves to demonstrate.

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  1. Ill always have Melkys back.

  2. Godyes. This is the exact kind of coverage I love on this site.


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