battlefield 3 beta

Oh, well look at this...

EA has announced that if you waste your money by buying the limited edition of the mediocre game that is Medal of Honor, you can get access to the beta for Battlefield 3. That's right - they've told us before that it's coming, but nothing has been said about BF3 for quite some time. And even now they aren't showing a logo or giving any other details, other than that the beta will begin within a year of Medal of Honor's arrival this fall.

What's interesting is the mention that Xbox Live Gold is required to access the beta of BF3, indicating that the game will, once again, not be a PC-exclusive. It remains to be seen if this can be DICE's return to glory after heading further and further from their former success. In my book, if BF3 has a full assortment of vehicles (land/sea/air), massive maps, full squads and squad leaders, commanders, 64 player support, mod support, decent VOIP, a command rose, revive ability, and none of this garbage auto-regenerating health and/or unlimited ammo, then it will be a success...even if they manage to screw it all up somehow.

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  1. now you cant say things about Medal of Honor that you dont back up. the game looks completely solid

  2. You sound just like your brother.

    At first take, I was fairly excited about it too. Now it just looks like another rehash, the same old game trying to take money from people who have realized how crappy Call of Duty is. It will be released without a lot of content and theyll charge exorbitant amounts for stupid map packs and gun upgrades, and there will be kill streak crap that spoils everyones fun. It just soundsuninspiring.

  • yeah yeah. its an arcade style shooter. it looks great to me the review wasnt bad either.

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