bagged bigfoot

theres your proof, cryptozoo-skeptic

There's nothing like a thrilling torch-lit hunt in Sasquatch territory, dodging roving hordes of cerebrum-craving zombies and riding a flaming apocalyptic warhorse. Yes, it would be a bit more thrilling if the exact location of the legendary beast was not revealed on a radar screen, or if the zombies could move faster than Benjie Molina, but it may be the closest I ever get to taking down Bigfoot. And that's a real shame.

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  1. Ive bagged six myself.

    Some undead cougars killed me before I could break in one of those four horses, though.

  2. Ive gotten War and Pestilence. Wars definitely cooler.

    I just want to knowif I kill all six Bigfoots, will there be no more Bigfoots roaming the countryside?

  3. Broke in Pestilence last night. Im playing this DLC pretty slow and hitting all the towns and strangers I can in between missions.

    And yes, totally. They gone.

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