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Vocations are not about what you're good at, or what you enjoy doing. Neither are they about earning potential, or social status. Rather, a lifetime career is a way to pass the time, an anesthesia of all senses that brings you closer to your inevitable end.

Some say that mathematician is the best job, largely because of the working conditions. However, the argument could be made that, since math is theoretical, thinking hurts, and numbers aren't real, it really is a pretty poor profession after all. Overlooking its shortcomings, a career in math could be fulfilling, if there is nothing else you can physically do.

The same people would say that while philosopher is one of the best jobs, roustabout is one of the worst. One can see how this is impossible. Recalling that income is not pivotal to such roles, both the thinker and the rover have few obligations and offer similar contributions to society. Still, it is indisputable that all would be philosophers if the opportunity were available.

Also, painter should not be on the same list as nuclear decontamination tech. One creates beauty, while the other hoses down mutants. It is clear which is superior.

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  1. glad baseballs off the front page

  2. I did it just for you.

    Did you see that Matt Holliday error in the Cardinals/Dodgers game yesterday? Crazy!

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