the feel analogy

I have feelings toolike my stomach hurts or Im going crazy!

- Homer Simpson

Women have it so much easier than men, being in touch with their emotions and unashamedly sitting back while men try to interpret their needs and desires. For a man, however, having a feeling is not unlike having a certain venereal disease: he may suspect that he has it (the signs might all be there), and he may try to slap some salve on it, or he may just ignore it completely while it matures and festers in the dark recesses of his trousers, but in the end, that STD will either show its full force or turn out to be nothing more than a simple allergic reaction. So it is with emotions; the man is only able to perceive the tip of his emotional iceberg.

So what does this really mean? Well, the man and the woman must meet in the middle, and this is much harder work for the man. He will have to at least acknowledge that theres something there, whether its the STD or the allergy, and he better be able to discuss the possible prognoses with the woman. She just wants to make sure hes checking himself out, and thats good for everyone involved - it keeps each person healthy.

But to top it all off, women also get to wear skirts, which I imagine are far more comfortable than slacks.