sufferin suffragettes!

Now heres a great story: a 22-year old woman is auctioning off her virginity, and the bidding is up to $3.7 million. That seems like an extremely high price to pay for a glorified prostitute, and shes not $3.7 million-attractive (few are). But the best part of the story is in the details: the woman has a degree in womens studies and is doing this to fund her masters. For someone who wasted years learning about the demeaning treatment of women in our society and how they exist solely to bring men beer, steak, and babies, shes really setting feminism back by selling her body. Of course, women are all for empowerment and using their bodies any way they see fit, but this just conforms to the mold instead of blazing new trails and breaking glass ceilings.

But who would want to go to all the effort of achieving things when she could just get laid and become a millionaire?


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