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Want to hear another song from Pete Yorns upcoming album Back and Fourth? Right now the CWs website has the full episode of One Tree Hill that features Petes song Long Time Nothing New. Of course I dont recommend watching that show, so just skip to 38:30 to hear the song, with plenty of sappy dialogue over it. Youll have to suffer through a couple of commercials too, but I will say that this is the best song Ive heard from the new album. Theres no doubt it will be more enjoyable without these caveats, but it will do if youre curious about the sound of the album. After several listens, Id go so far as to say that Long Time Nothing New really sounds like a song that could belong on musicforthemorningafter, and thats quite a compliment. Some lyrics:

Same old town Loose ends surround me Always drags you down Dont let it get you down

Same four walls Dont mean anything To anyone Its all you talk about As you see yourself Break out

Ive seen you this way before A lifes strained but true What are we waiting for? Its been a long time, nothing new

There are some bonuses for pre-ordering the album via iTunes: you get two bonus tracks (one of which is a very old, rare song called Rooftop, the other which is new), and you get to download the album a week before it becomes available anywhere else. The other perk is that you get to pay $0.99 and download Dont Wanna Cry immediately, which would be cool if the song hadnt already been released for free all over the place. I actually installed iTunes (unthinkable!) before I came to my senses and realized that it wasnt worth it. It sure was fun manually uninstalling the Apple Update, iPod monitor, and QuickTime programs that Apple nonchalantly and covertly installed along with iTunes. :)

Ill just wait until the release date and get it from Amazon so I can keep saying that Steve Jobs has none of my money.

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