shirts, for real this time

A tremendous opportunity has fallen on my lap. Death Zeppelin shirts.

Youre right Mom. Jesus kicks ass!

I'm being serious this time. Shirts or Hoodies at fairly decent prices ($12-20 for a DZ shirt/hoodie? Get out of town!)

The shirt making stuff is ready, but the website to get them is not. But I want to drum up some excitement first and see how many people would be interested in these.

And here's the thing...I want you to pick the comic you want made into a shirt. If it's one of my multi-framed comics, you can pick a frame from it that you want. I will completely redraw the comic, maintaining its original beauty, and will exclude/include all text as requested. Pretty much everything is fair game, even my old newspaper comics.

So, in short, I'M TAKING REQUESTS!

Why now? Why after being dormant for so long, would I just now start doing this? Death Zeppelin is going to be rising like the Phoenix, baby. It's all coming soon.  Pick a comic and comment below. Here's the link.

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  1. Im not sure I believe you. But hold up. Im thinking about it.

  2. You dont have to commit to buying a shirt just by telling me which comic(s) you think would look great on a shirt. Just looking for ideas.

  3. yeah but ive been too busy to think about it. priorities.

  4. Ill tell you what your priorities are!

    Merry Christmas, All!

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