popped tarts, or group gaming

So it turns out my toaster has an official "Pop-Tarts" setting. Although all I ever cook in my toaster are Pop-Tarts, I had never used the setting. Having now tasted its effects, I can say that it's just a gimmick; you can get the Pop-Tarts nicely toasted by turning the dial more, or even less.

The other day I drove past a place called Warezabouts. Apparently it's a shop where people can meet up to play LAN games, like Xbox or PC games. Although it's somewhat clever, I can't help but think that this probably isn't the best name for a legal operation. For those who are unaware, "warez" is a term derived from "software," and it applies to pirated games (games that have been downloaded/distributed illegally). It's basically inviting people to download games and then rent the place to play against friends who have equally suspect versions of the game.

I'll stick to having my own LAN parties in the darkened eastern wing of my isolated home, emotions rising high, taco refuse littering the floor while the heat, fatigue, and eye strain make everyone agitated and exhausted. Good times.

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