placentas for persie

It's not often that genuine news stories sound as though they were concocted for The Onion. Taking a page from Tom Cruise's playbook, soccer star Robin van Persie "will have placenta rubbed into the damaged area by a Serbian housewife" in hopes that it will speed his recovery from an ankle injury (source). While the merits of "placental medicine" are questionable at best, it apparently worked for his former teammate, Danzo Lazovic - and who would begin to question the work of housewife Mariana Kovacevic? Besides, the remedy doesn't even look that odd by comparison to some of the other things soccer players have tried in the past. If nothing else, the placebo effect may get him back on the field faster.

When you're making the equivalent of millions of dollars playing professional soccer, you should have a right to seek out the strangest and most sure-fire solutions to your ailments. Maybe you can stumble across something that Magner missed.

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