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I'm disappointed with Woot. Last night I was checking on the Woot-Off when they put up the ultimate product: a screaming, flying Woot monkey with a desert camo cape and hood. That's really cool, but they decided to bundle this with a much less practical item: a pair of USB-powered Woot-Off lights. While that monkey should've been worth $3-$4 tops, the bundle they created sold for $10 (before $5 shipping).

That's not cool, Woot. There are some shrewd consumers that visit your site daily, and they can recognize when you're just trying to palm off your crappy, worthless decorations by including an irresistable monkey. I mean, I've bought some Woot monkeys before, and I'd do it again, but you've got to bring the quality, man.

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  1. Typically the final thing is cheap. I bought one, because I need a way of tipping off my coworkers that today is a woot-off.

    I have a feeling that these high quality lights will appreciate in time. A sound investment.

  2. Typically the final thing is cheap.

    Exactly. Im not paying $15 for all thatunless Im getting TWO monkeys.

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