not learning from mistakes

Isnt it great how even tiny incremental upgrades break everything? Remember how you should never upgrade anything? Well upgrading to Wordpress 2.7.1 messes up the K2 theme, apparently, so Ive had to put up a temporary fix. Worse, theres something wrong with the style I was using (more specifically), so the site may not look exactly like itself until I take the time to figure out how to fix it.

But nothings dramatically different running the stock K2 style, so you know your way around.

Update (5:03 PM): Im messing around with a new theme for a while; the site will probably look weird.


11 comments to not learning from mistakes

  • Austin

    I was actually on the site reading some old entries when the site changed not once, but twice.

    Suggestion, make the middle part with the entries wider. I also wouldnt mind some colored texts used to highlight links or titles.

  • This theme is amazing200+ options, all without having to screw around with inordinate amounts of CSS (despite how simple that is to you CompSci geniuses). Im probably going to end up with some variant of this.

  • Trey

    Definitely need some type of coloration to help indicate major sections. Kinda like the colors in the comments section. I like the simplicity, but its a little too simple. Like margins, but the margins look just like the rest of the white space. The logo is different, it needs something to set it out. Title should go at the top of the article area (and put the older navigation link under it). Youve also left some random administrative text on the right column (you may be working on it right now or something). And why are there 2 search boxes?

  • I’m messing around with a new theme for a while; the site will probably look weird.

    Yes, Im still messing with it. So no, this is not what it will end up looking like.

  • wee

    its ok, but you should probably try to tweak it some. like the areas around text boxes dont have enough padding.

  • around the comment box? where are you speaking of?

  • wee

    actually i was just tryign to piss you off. i dont know what i meant.

    baseballs sucks.. at first i thought your site got sniped and had squatters on it selling ringtones

  • Austin

    If your intention was to make this site look less like a blog, you succeeded. It looks like a squatter site that was made by a computer. isnt currently owned! get it before someone else does!

    Put some feeling into it. And put something besides dull easter pastels as the colors.

  • Well I put the old header image back. Perhaps that will give the site more life.

  • Austin

    Im still not in love with that dull purple color that lines the entries.