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Posted on January 8, 2009If the Red Sox sign John Smoltz, as is very likely the case, the following should happen:

  • Chipper Jones should go with him. Well, maybe not to the Red Sox, but he might as well be traded for a completely new face, because the Braves are officially no longer the team they once were (all right, they haven't been for the last several seasons). It will be a blight on Chipper's career if he sticks around to experience another disastrous season or two.
  • Frank Wren should go to counseling. This terrible off-season hasn't been entirely his fault, but one has to realize that there's some reason better things aren't happening. Perhaps a touch up on his negotiating skills will turn things around. Besides, we have to blame someone.
  • Derek Lowe must be signed. And I know they won't do it. But Atlanta will be even more desperately in need of a quality starter than they already are, and it was already baffling that they were jumping at the chance to sign A.J. Burnett and are turning the cold shoulder to Lowe.
  • Brian McCann should get a pay-raise. After all, he'll be the second most recognizable Brave (not that Tim Hudson isn't equated with them after these last few years). And they're going to need someone to bring in the fans after letting one of their most lovable players go to one of the largest monopolies in baseball.
  • I don't even know. This is just ridiculous.

Call me pessimistic, but with each crushing blow the Braves experience, and each big-name acquisition (or acquisition at all) their National League East rivals make, I see another losing season creeping around the corner. This feeling is new to me...I don't know how Phillies fans coped with it for so long. But there's always a light at the end of the matter how long that tunnel may be.

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  1. baseball sucks so hard you could pull a golfball through a straw.

  2. straw sucks so hard you could pull a baseball through a golfball.

  3. well-said.

    and i just write about baseball to evoke your colorful responses.

  4. well thats unethical

  5. and you misspelled schmults

  6. Just installed Windows 7. Get one of them Beta Keys. Its pretty fun buns.

  7. yeah ive had a hell of a time messing with partitions and whatnot, but ive got it dual-booting on my somewhat crappy old laptop. are you dual-booting?

  8. Yes I am.

  9. I got the x64 version but it wont install on a damned VM. Im trying to get around it.

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