little league softball?

Imagine this scenario:

Little Sherry is all set to go out and play in the softball championship on national TV. Shes nervous, but confident, and she grabs her glove and starts to jog from the dugout.

Hold on, Sherry! Arent you forgetting something? her coach calls to her.

She turns around, and he hands her a plastic contraption. You almost went out there without your Stupid Mask on. Now go get em!

The Stupid Mask

Now I dont watch much Little League softball, because why anyone who doesnt have a sibling on the team would watch it is beyond me. But I noticed, as I was flipping channels, that they make the infielders wear these absurd devices that are not unlike headgear.


Thats it. The picture says it all, but Ill spell it out. Im all for safety, and face guards on helmets are finebecause the batter isnt standing in a ready position with a glove on. But when its evident that little girls need huge guards while in the field because they simply arent capable of defending themselves with gloves and reflexes, then perhaps youve got them doing it wrong. Maybe ballet would be more accomodating, or simply waiting until theyre old enough to develop hand-eye coordination before making them play big people games.

Then they wouldnt have to worry about looking like some characters out of Star Wars.

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