i can only change my view

Im about a week late, but you can download two new Pete Yorn songs in high-quality from the Fuel/Friends blog here. Theyve been on his MySpace page for a while but who enjoys streaming music from a Flash player? One song, Shotgun, is from his new album which will hopefully be coming out this year, while the other song, Sans Fear, should appear on a new EP. Im pretty excited about the prospect of new PY musicShotgun has a pretty slick beat.

As for upcoming music:

  • Bob Schneider - Tarantula (April 7th) - Bobs been all over the place with his music, but hes still making it well. His last full release was a bit hard to get a hold of, but still had some solid tracks, even if it couldnt come close to Lonelyland or Im Good Now. I have high hopes for this one.
  • Joe Purdy - Last Clock on the Wall (2009?) - This album is still listed as Coming Soon, even though the original date was for 2008. Hopefully it will be out this year, and I can relax with some more mellow folk tunes.
  • Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major (2009?) - My enthusiasm for this one has been curbed quite a bit since the Red Star EP came out and its rumored heavyhanded political bias was easily confirmed. Still, ignoring all lyrics and the tendency of rock bands to jump on soapboxes to push their opinions to their fans, theres something endearing about hearing the unmistakable 3EB sound after so many years. Surely the entire album cant be about gay Republicanscan it?
  • Sara Watkins - Sara Watkins (April 7th) - Notice how this album is due out the same day as Bob Schneiders new album? Coincidence? I think not. Sara Watkins (of Nickel Creek fame) is making her solo debut, and I dont think shell disappoint. But those who are not fans of fiddle music or female vocals should look elsewhere.

Also on the horizon are new albums from The One AM Radio (sometime this year, I hope) and Guster, a band thats been around forever and still seems able to make some sweet tunes.


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