getting lost

Given that classes were cancelled today due to an ice storm, I took advantage of my windfallen free time to catch up on my studies of brain-science.

lost (c) abcOr perhaps I spent all of my time watching nine episodes of Lost. For those counting, thats about 390 wasted minutes, or 6 1/2 hours. I was skeptical after having watched the pilot episode a few days ago; the show actually made me laugh. Everyone was a caricature, and their actions and even their lines seemed painfully trite at times. I kept waiting for them to get chased by a Tyrannosaurus.

Fortunately, I gave it a chance to get rolling, and I wasnt disappointed. The episodes just kept getting more and more engrossing, and I couldnt turn them off. I didnt necessarily care about seeing the background of all 46 people who crashed on the island, but it turned out that none of them ever lived a dull moment. Its nice having so many hours to develop the main characters; they can take their time to rectify any stereotypes established in the pilot.

I managed to stop on an episode that didnt end in an absolute cliff-hanger, but I can imagine that some people were waiting with bated breath week-to-week back when the show originally aired.

Maybe I can finish watching the first few seasons before the new episode next week. Its a good thing Ive been living under a rock all this time, or I might know what to expect next


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