finals are over, and life begins

Have you ever had the life sucked out of you so much that you forgot it was Christmas season? That shouldn't happen. When you feel like you're getting pushed and pulled from all sides, sometimes you just have to push back.

sunset_stylizedLet us discuss motives. We should not get so caught up that we start doing things for the wrong reasons - even things we normally enjoy. One case of this is seen with the "achievement points" Xbox games grant players for reaching certain goals. These points have no value other than that which we grant them, and it can be this feeling of artificial accomplishment that spurs players on. As a result, the ultimately desirable effects of escapism and relaxation are lost and in their place is a false enticement. This is not unlike the "playcounts" included with most music playing programs. There may come a time when it is no longer about drifting into a comatose state while someone says the words you feel within (note that this is not what I do when I listen to music, normally), and instead becomes about gaining notoriety as the biggest listener of William Shatner's latest album.

There's peace that can come from watching a spectacular setting sun, and it's not worth letting it pass you by because you're too busy snapping photos. Motives may not be intentionally misplaced, but they may still be worth considering.

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