droid drawbacks

In an effort to sound unbiased, I often look for the bad in my investments. Having now spent four days with my Motorola Droid, I've found some things that bug me...

Droid-Specific Issues

  • There are no dedicated "call" or "end" buttons. When removing the phone from one's face after a call, the proximity sensor is supposed to make the screen come back on so the user can press the on-screen button to hang up. I've gotten into situations where that didn't happen, mostly when using the speakerphone. It's possible that the "back" key will hang up...will investigate further.
  • The phone is generally well-built, but mine has an area of plastic bezel that has a slight amount of flex. Naturally, my thumb finds this area every time I hold the device.
  • Speaking of holding the Droid, I find that it just doesn't feel that great in the hand, mainly due to its sharp edges. And there are (flimsy) buttons on the side right where your fingers will want to go.
  • Of course, the keyboard is cramped and the camera software could be better.

Android OS-Specific Issues

  • There are certain menus that pop up where the only way out without making a selection is through a single hardware "back" button. I would appreciate some way to tap on screen to cancel.
  • The market is saturated with useless "skins" and "themes" for a handful of programs. These are painful to scroll through and should either be stringently filtered or banned outright.
  • Copying and pasting is not very intuitive.
  • By default, I only receive a blinking light when a new text message arrives. I miss my vibrating alert (may be fixable).
  • There should be separate settings for the screen timeout and the timeout before it prompts you to unlock the device.
  • Music and video need drastic improvements. Building on the above, if the screen times out when listening to music, you have to turn it back on and then unlock the device to change tracks. This is unacceptable. The media player needs a face-lift and some more functionality, like viewing of more ID3 tags. And Android could desperately use DIVX/XVID support...VLC port anyone?
  • The browser needs Flash support (on its way).

These things only detract from the experience - they don't ruin it. It's still been much easier using the Droid than some of the other alternatives out there.

Edit: And I still need a better mobile Wordpress solution. The best current Android program isn't cutting it, and the browser doesn't work with the admin panel very well.

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  1. can you put music on it?

  2. Of course, but its just drag and drop in Windows Explorer. Not that thats necessarily a bad thing. I think Windows Media Player can sync to the memory card, but havent tried it. Still, I managed to fit pretty much all my important MP3s in about 14 GB.

  3. Thinking about getting one for Christmas.

  4. That could be a good decisionbut just which tard are you, RoboTard?

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