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harold & kumar go to whitecastleThe Internet is abuzz with Kumar's restlessness, so I'll give my take. First off, what would be a natural job move for someone whose resume includes acting in such films as "Van Wilder," "Malibu's Most Wanted," "Epic Movie," and "Harold & Kumar"? If you guessed an appointment to Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Liaison, you'd be correct. For those who haven't heard, apparently the Obama administration sees potential in 32 year old actor Kal Penn; hopefully it's a side not evident in his big screen performances. I have no idea what the duties of such a position might be, but knowing that our taxes will be paying his salary from now on is truly comforting.

Hey, Reagen can become President, Arnold can become governor...surely Kumar can fill such a fictituous office position adequately...right? I don't think the nation really has anything to worry about, but it's still pretty ridiculous. Interestingly, someone I know had the "pleasure" of personally meeting Mr. Penn and the general impression was that he came off rather rude. Perhaps the Public Liaison position doesn't require good people skills?

On the other hand, we definitely should worry if the other Mr. Penn is given a job in politics.

Lastly, to free himself up to take the new position, Kal's character was killed off of the show "House" (which I don't watch). I don't really care, but Pete Yorn's song "Lose You" (one of his finest) was played during that portion of the episode. Kind of a nice way to go out; you can see the clip here, if it remains available.

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