Let me go on the record now: if I ever do something that provokes someone to say that I'm not thinking clearly, and I reply that "for the first time in my life, I am thinking clearly," then I'm probably not thinking clearly. I just cannot envision a situation where my thinking would actually be more clear leading up to such an exchange.

Also, I hope that after my (eventual) death, no one says that I was "full of life," or that I "loved life." Such remarks are made of people about whom nothing more substantial can be declared, and about those whose uniqueness was dubious. I would hope for more.

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  1. I hope to have a space walk at my going away party. And to be made into Hugh Jass brownies. Thats the way I want to goas food.

  2. Im not sure who youd find to eat those brownies. Most people should be, I would think, a bit reluctant to consume their loved ones. And I wouldnt eat a total stranger either, because I dont know where hes been.

    Ill jump in your space walk though.

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