carefree, at last

all in a year's workAhh, its a goooood feeling to be done with one of the most challenging experiences of a lifetime, even if a certain degree of slacking made it less difficult than it could have been. In my celebratory joy at being home and casually kicking a soccer ball again, I swallowed a mosquito whole and undoubtedly received a gut full of the very pathogens that I blindly guessed at on my final exam this morning.

Summer is all about big plans, and I have them: there is a package of cookies and another of donuts, and each bears my name. The couch beckons, but one component is missing: my Xbox 360 has died again, and now its out of warranty. Ill have to bite the bullet and pay to get it repaired if I hope to make my time useful. Still, the important thing is that my brain will not have to function for over two months. The sooner I can forget everything Ive learned, the better.

I just spent several minutes searching the web for an MP3 of a song I already own, simply because its all the way upstairs and Im down here comfortably watching baseball with my laptop. Honestly, Im overwhelmed by relaxation.

Its summertime And the living is easy Fish are jumping And the cotton is high Your daddy is rich And your mommys good looking So hush pretty baby, dont you cry


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