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Posted on February 5, 2009

It would seem that my BF:1943 announcement was a bit premature; I don't believe this is the next big game, or what would constitute "BF3." With some new information from Gamespot, we discover that DICE is trying to deliver a "more focused" experience to console gamers with this $15, 350 MB download. There's more destruction and they describe the gameplay as being more aligned with "Battlefield: Bad Company" than BF:1942. There will be no gun unlocks, but there will be custom kits and leveling up. Squads and commanders would be nice but seem unlikely.

The whole game is just trying to get people excited for Bad Company 2, which will be released for consoles (and PC?) later this year. That means a "true" BF3, if there ever will be one, must be even further away. :(

On the plus side, I've decided that the 24-player limit isn't too bad, although 32 players would have been a more suitable maximum. And three maps isn't terrible either, since I really only play two BF2 maps now anyway. Here's a snip from the trailer that shows that Wake Island hasn't changed much at all:

wake island, bf1943

I'm a bit excited about the game, now that I have a better idea of what exactly they were trying to do. I still want BF3 though.

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  1. ima be all up in that bomber. fa sho.

  2. So you cant even really fly a bomber manually; you get into an air-raid bunker and you can move all three of them as a group, and its got a reload time. Theyve dumbed this game down significantly you have auto-regenerating health and unlimited ammo, and during air combat a big red reticle auto-targets enemy planes. In WWII. Yeah, that mustve been nice.

  3. I refuse to play such a game.

  4. yeah. sounds like something im not interested in.

  5. went from 6 to midnight and then back to 6 pretty quick there..

  6. What does that even mean?

  7. wee got a acquired a chubby preemptively. metaphorically speaking, wee saw what he thought to be a top notch hooker (midnight), only to find that in reality, it was a preop. tranny hood rat, thus loosing the chubby (back down to six oclock low). That, my friend, is what he means.

    So at first he was like :) But then he was like :/

  8. So at first he was like :) But then he was like :/

    I kinda figured this outthe rest, I had no idea about.

  • ^^ aka yeah we know no one will play this piece of shit..

  • Im not a Battlefield guy, so I honestly dont really care where the series goes, but I saw the news story and thought it might interest you guys.

  • I saw that too. Id be lying if I said it didnt reassure me just a little, but video game designers can be liars, so Ill keep my hopes down.

  • auto-regenerating health and unlimited ammo

    Are you serious? I think I will save my money then.

  • Yeah dont support these crappy games. Just wait until the next true Battlefield game comes out and then buy 3 copies.

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