because today is almost over

Abraham Lincoln once said that if youre a racist, I will attack you with the North.

- Michael Scott

So after three years of (borderline offensive) Martin Luther King Jr. tributes, Im going to come out and admit that I have no idea what the government expects us to do on this day. I suppose its no different than any other national holiday dedicated to a single individual (and the impact of that individual on society), but it still leaves me reaching. For example, on Columbus Day I always take a short cruise and donate to my favorite Native American charity, and on Christmas Day I celebrate the birth of the Savior of the world by praising God and whatnot.

Today, all Ive been able to muster is my third attempt at dual-booting Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. Its baffling that Microsoft will not allow an OEM product key to function with a version of Windows installed from a retail disc, or vice versa. Now I have to circumvent Windows activation because it thinks Im a criminal, when I have a perfectly valid product key it wont accept (of course, it took me three burned boot discs before I figured out this was the case). And I must be losing my technical touch, because these partitions have been extremely difficult to work with (using both Ubuntus partition editor and Microsofts).

No matterits a joyous day. It lets us forget our troubles, embrace cultural diversity, and remember what makes America great: admitting our past mistakes by doling out commemorative holidays.


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  • wee

    look, faggot. hes not interested in running webservices or sql servers - and neither am i, ok. its casual, austin. and why not get the most visual bang for your efforts? faggot.

  • installing ubuntu kept screwing up my bootloader until i got frustrated enough to just reinstall xp and leave it at that. im still not properly validated though. whatever.

  • Austin

    *But hey, Im not stopping

  • And what version would you suggest? Because Ubuntu sure looks like one of the best to me.

  • wee

    hes going to say fedora 10, because hes a sour-ass.

  • Trey


    Ubuntu is an extremely easy shift from Windows or Mac into a Linux environment. Sure, the interface is a little ugly, and it updates a bit too often (which can sometimes break applications you use). But Ubuntu offers an intuitive menu system (Very parallelized to other operating systems), full service, extraordinarily helpful forums on their website, and a business oriented approach to the distribution of their free operating system (not to say that other distros dont).

    In stark contrast, you do not see as large a push from other distributions reaching out to Windows and Mac users trying to get them to see the greatness which is (legally) free software. Many other distros are rarely (if ever) updated from a source controlled entity. None of the other distros offer as much help in terms of support as Ubuntu.

    No matter how you cut it, Ubuntu may not be the best distribution. But at its core is the Linus kernel, which is the only commonality between all of the distributions. For those who dont get it, the primary difference between any Linux distribution is the user interface. And now, with the growth in popularity of windowing theme programs like Beryl, Compiz, and Emerald, the differences are becoming even more slim.

    In conclusion, Ubuntu does (arguably, and in ways) more for the Linux and Freeware community than any other distribution. Pick Ubuntu as your first Linux distribution.

  • All of that was exactly what I was thinking. Word for word.