battlefield 1943

All right, so Battlefield 1943 has been announced. Does that make it BF3? Its hard to say, with all of the Bad Company games floating around. Im cautiously optimistic about this one. Lets take a look at the main points:

  • Its set in the Pacific, during WWII (obviously). This has been done before, but that wont matter if it offers an engaging multiplayer experience.
  • You can fight by land, sea, and air. You could always do this in Battlefield games, but perhaps this means that ships will be able to move around again. That would be nice.
  • Three maps: Guadalcanal, Wake Island, and Iwo Jima. All of these appeared in BF:1942.
  • Fight with up to 24 players. This definitely sounds like 24 players total, not 24 players per side.
  • Frostbite-based terrain destruction.
  • Available on PC, over Xbox Live Arcade, or the Playstation Network.

Thats really all we know at this point. So where does that put it? The scope of the game is definitely called into question. It only has three maps (versus BF2s dozen or so), it only supports 24 players (versus BF2s 64-player support), and it will be distributed over the same service Microsoft uses to release games like Uno and Frogger 2. What kind of game does that make it? It seems like BF:1943 will be less like Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 2142 and more like the upcoming Battlefield Heroes, a more casual, noob-friendly game.

Basically, that could suck. Its far too early to draw drastic conclusions about the quality of the game, but the direction that DICE is taking the series is cause for concern. One has to wonder if they got intimidated by Call of Duty 4 and decided theyd be safer changing their formula. But people still play BF2, as flawed as it is, so there has to be a market for people who love getting into gritty fights with tons of players and establishing personal vendettas over huge, varied maps. The decision to return to WWII after modern and future combat games is fine in my book, again, if the experience is there.

Ill wait and see how this one plays out, but Ive got my eye on you, DICE. Dont disappoint.

UPDATE: More information here.


5 Responses to battlefield 1943

  • The word from DICE awhile ago was that theyd try to start incorporating movements from Mirrors Edge into their BF games. If they do something fun with that, I might even pick up a copy.

  • Its annoying enough to try to shoot someone when all he can do is go prone or hop a couple of feet in the air. Although those added movements would be fun for YOU, itd be very frustrating during infantry combat against other people.

  • Haha. It would be fun to balance for sure. Have you played MsE yet? Its super fun to bound around.

  • We played the demo at my place, remember? Thats all Ive got.

  • You are a fibber. I never did any such thing!

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