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searchesThere is true power in the written word, and there is responsibility involved as well, both on the part of the writer and of the reader. He who writes must consider his audience and assume that, in the worst case, the reader will interpret the text in the most utterly perverse way. The reader bears an obligation to not act on these perversions, for the sake of everyone involved.

I am speaking, in particular, of an article I wrote last year entitled "Brainectomy." It was a perfectly harmless, good-natured exposition delineating the steps in the removal of a human brain. It was somewhat framed in the context of Hannibal Lecter's malevolent cranial tampering featured during the climax of the film "Hannibal." Still, it was intended for educational purposes only and derived from my coincident (legal, scientific) dissection of the human anatomy.

When it became visible to me that someone had searched for "brain procedure used in hanninbal [sic]" and found my article, I became a bit concerned. The phrasing of that query was unusually specific, but I am aware that no real conclusion can be drawn. It could merely have been someone trying to win a bet with his intoxicated friend who claimed that such an operation as undertaken by Dr. Lecter could not be successfully performed. Or it could simply be a movie viewer with a grotesque curiosity. Still, the world is not short of men whose malevolence rival Hannibal's, and the possibility remains that the article was researched for some nefarious preparation. If that is the case, I wholeheartedly and preemptively apologize to anyone who suffers a brain removal as a result.

As I do not actually suspect any harm to come from the post, I am leaving it as-is, but I will be more thoughtful about the ramifications of my future works.

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