a sermon on tigers

Posted on December 2, 2009"But [Tiger Wood's] wife is a Swedish supermodel...she's hot! Why would he cheat on her? I mean, what's better than a Swedish supermodel?"

"Two Swedish supermodels."

This was the discussion earlier today (that was neither my question nor my reply). Tiger's recently-divulged infidelity has drawn the ire of parents who raised their children with Woods as a role model. But my feeling is this: we may be surprised, but we should not truly be.

While Tiger Woods is indubitably the most badass golfer to ever golf (or the only BA golfer, for those keeping count), his infallibility should never have been assumed. Well, it's not that people actually thought him to be perfect, but why do we ignore the "little" mistakes and get flustered when a "big" one is made? It is stated that adultery is sin (all the modern political correctness in me made that oddly hard to type), but it is not our place to judge the sinner. We can only hope that he has admitted these mistakes and sought God's ever-ready forgiveness, just as we all must do for our own mistakes. The recognition of sin can cause disappointment, or even sadness, but our perception of Tiger Woods should probably not be radically altered...but it undoubtedly will be.

If you're a parent seeking a basis for your child's character, but wish to avoid future let-downs inherent with the professional athlete role model, your choice is limited. Jesus it is.

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