wanna see some magic?

Anyone who knows who David Blaine is should enjoy this movie. Warning: there's plenty of inappropriate language, but plenty of humor too. It's only 19 months old, which is keeping with my usual level of promptness. There are a few more of these on YouTube, apparently.

David Blaine Spoof - Watch more free videos

One of these days, I'm going to post about my life-changing journey out west. Until then, just know that the nature gallery has been updated with some eye-popping new photos.

And a happy birthday to Austimus/Mailman128 today!

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  1. I posted this on my facebook nearly a year ago.

    Get with the times Scoots.

  2. Its only 19 months old, which is keeping with my usual level of promptness.*

    But thanks for reiterating that.

    Regardless, Im sure Im not the only person who hadnt seen it, even with your Facebook profile being as popular as it is. ;)

    (*changed from expediency, which didnt really make sense)

  3. baseball sucks

  4. erroneous!

    had you seen that david blaine thing?

  5. ha. no, it was pretty sweet.

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