muir-esque escape

I dont like to rehash whats already been stated (actually, I dont care), but theres still a frontier out there, and I long for it. I can almost taste the sweet nectar of its grapevines, hear the evocative roaring of the friendly grizzly bear, and smell the body odor of nearby campers. Yes, the west is out there, and Im not the only one longing for it. Call it manifest destiny, or call it a boredom-induced stupor, but whatever it is, Im helpless to resist Natures seductive siren-song.

So Im going forth, and dont expect me to return on any side less than the flip side. Ill be back once Ive opened the Pandoras box marked liveliness, and no sooner. In the meantime, I expect my fellow authors to hold down the fort in my stead. Im nearing my Rubicon, and once its crossed, theres no going back.

Expect a surprise sometime next week. Lets just say, Im prepared to give the masses what theyve been yearning for.

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