makeup and glasses

Check it out - someone linked to my site from a French cosmetics blog. I always knew that cosmetic enthusiasts were my biggest demographic, but to finally break the language barrier and cross over the pond is something else entirely. The post was written on October 22nd of last year, but it escaped my notice until now. Heres a rough English translation:

It is necessary to read also here an ironic analysis of the type of diagram which comes, on the shampoos, to illustrate with much d relevance this type of claim.

This is referencing, of course, the graph I made a little over a year ago in regard to a Garnier Fructis bottle. I didnt bother to read the rest of their blog entry.

While that graph certainly ground my gears, what are currently grinding my gears are those little eyeglass repair kits you receive from your eye doctor with a pair of glasses (or you pay for, if thats your thing). Heres the tricky part: what good do a minute screwdriver and microscopic screws do when your glasses are broken and your vision is currently impeded? Ive never needed to use one myself, but I can picture the frustration that would ensue from a nerds thick fingers knocking the screws around and fumbling over the proper placement in that Lilliputian screw hole.

A better idea: a large screwdriver with a tiny, magnetic tip to hold the screws on. But I suppose thats not feasible, or at least not as funny to watch. And Im all for appreciating the humor around us.

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