happy constitution day

I'm not sure how Constitution Day so often slips under the radar, but here's an awesome video to watch in celebration of the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution. A little background:

Constitution and Citizenship Day is observed on September 17 in celebration of the completion and signing of the United States Constitution which occured on September 17, 1787. Constitution Day became a national holiday in 2004 after the passage of a Senate Resolution which was introduced by Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. The act mandates that each year on September 17 all publicly funded educational institutions must provide informative programming to students regarding the American Constitution and voter registration.

I think it's a bit silly to mandate institutions of higher learning to provide information about the Constitution; it's true that it will help educate new immigrants, but it's redundant for all of those who have grown up in the U.S. The situation would be different if we did not have to go to school or work on Constitution Day, but as it stands, these half-holidays seem to lack full significance. Help make this year different, because I know I won't.

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  1. Solid gold video footage.

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