four independent paragraphs

Posted on August 12, 2008

I. There's something terribly naked feeling about spending five days without the Internet. It's one thing to be camping or at the beach, but it's altogether rudimentary to be in a modern environment without a line to the tubes.

II. So I finally have television and Internet in my new apartment, and what do I discover? Bernie Mac is dead and Carlton Banks has a game show. The Olympics are in full-swing, Russia's slaughterizing Georgia (the country, not the state), and two people each got $1 when spinning the wheel on The Price Is Right. Even the little things seem more exciting when they've been delayed 24-48 hours.

III. I just saw a commercial for Exxon-Mobil that showed only their attempts to provide nets and medicines to children in Africa. It speaks volumes of the public's distaste for your company and its high-priced product when you're forced to advertise solely about charity.

IV. Something to consider when moving into a new place: is it right next to a fire station, a hospital, or a railroad? If you have the trifecta, congratulations! Sleep will be more coveted. If it's also in a relatively high-crime location where the semi-frequent blaring of a police siren may be heard, as well as in the flight path for a major international take the gold.

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