didnt see this coming

Posted on February 6, 2008Well that didn't take long...The Ruins, that craptacular "best seller" I wrote so lovingly about, is being made into a movie. If you haven't read both parts of my review (Part I, Part II), I thoroughly suggest doing so, because this is one movie you won't want to miss.

Actually, the only reason I'd watch that movie is to give the man my money for creating such a masterful work of art. The entire time I was reading that book, it was painfully obvious that he wanted it made into a movie, and of course Hollywood ate it up. Most books that are made into movies leave you with a new respect for the original text. If that's the case in this situation, they will have made a movie unimaginably bad, because that book was truly terrible. Horrific even, and not because it was scary. I'd say that at least the dialogue in the movie might be better than it was in the book, but apparently Scott Smith wrote the screenplay as well.

I'm...I'm just beyond words right now. Forgive me. Just watch the trailer, and I'm sure you'll find yourself much smarter for having done so.

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  1. i think the ruins is a pritty cool guy eh kills stupid 90210 rejects and dosent afraid of anything.

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