close encounter

Lets play a game of I spy, shall we? I spy something brown. Look in this picture and see if you can find it:


You probably found it, but in case you missed it, here it is highlighted:


Do you know what that is? Why, thats a copperhead, a poisonous pit viper found throughout the southeastern United States. I was clearing out some leaves when I felt something brush against my leg, and I looked down to see this gorgeous creature. Actually, I hate snakes, so after much deliberation with my brother and carefully clearing the surrounding leaves, I killed it with a shovel. It kept moving for quite some time so I attempted to sever its head with a hoe but the ground was too soft, causing the head to remain dangling on.

Ive come to regret the decision somewhat, since the snake wasnt that great a threat to me and he really, really thought I couldnt see him if he didnt move. Of course, copperheads are not a threatened or endangered species so one less poisonous snake isnt a significant loss. Here are a few more pictures:

ahh.jpg   snizzle.jpg

What worries me is that he probably had a little snake family. Theyre probably slithering around, infuriated and eager to inject their venom into my leg. Ugh, I hate snakes.

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