anyone have a dream book?

Perhaps someone can interpret this dream for me:

I went to the store to find some orange juice and milk, since those are two staples of my diet. The store didn't have any OJ or milk. I was giving up and at the checkout (I must've had some other stuff in my cart) when I decided to go back for one last look, and I managed to find one milk jug. It cost $10 and it was dirty looking. I bought it but as I was nearing my house I decided it wasn't going to work for me, so I opted to take it back to a different store.

I was driving a truck through the country when I came upon a large house in the woods. The street ran straight into the driveway and it was lined with cars. I followed the road/driveway around to the backyard, where I discovered there was a wedding. I tried to act like I meant to be there; somehow I was out of the truck and talking to some people near a fence, and I noticed there was a large Ferris wheel-like structure in the distance. It had normal seats on it but it also had a giant sling on the top. When people got to the top, the sling launched them up and around and down into a slide on the other side. I distinctly remember saying, "That looks terrifying."

And then I woke up. At least I wasn't being chased by a giant crab.

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