another study break

I can't help but think it's funny when Taco Bell places a trash can in the drivethrough line before you even get up to the first window, complete with an extension making it easy to place trash inside, and I still see someone litter a car-length away from it. I mean, who has that much animosity toward the environment?

I'm overdosing on vitamin P right now. Turns out, you can get vitamin P supplements, if you like wasting cash. No one is deficient in vitamin P, mainly because it's not a vitamin - vitamin being defined as an organic molecule necessary in small amounts for metabolism that we cannot synthesize ourselves in adequate quanitites. You'd be better off healing your troubles with Smeckler's Powder.

I just think it's humerous when people find molecules and name them as vitamins, and then they turn out not to be vitamins at all. Call me old-fashioned.

Have you ever wondered if your apartment smelled weird? Sometimes it's easy to notice when you first come home, but after being there a while you become indifferent to it. I wish they would hurry up and invent the smellophone so I could call a super-sniffer and get her to tell me how rank my place is.

Break over. :(

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