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Does anyone use chat rooms anymore? Other than the discussion of Simpsons trivia or its other more nefarious uses, the chat room would seem to have outlived its utility. I suppose I could still see their usefulness for a gaggle of adolescent girls eager to simultaneously babble about the happenings of Brangelina, but surely very little cohesive thought is ever manifested within those virtual walls.

That having been said, I was recently introduced (by myself) to another of Googles underpublicized services, this one called Lively. Rest assured, like all of Googles products, its still in beta. Essentially, it allows users of Windows-based PCs to create chat rooms in which various decorations can be placed for no real purpose. Users strut around these rooms courtesy of their custom-designed avatars, which can resemble pigs, cats, or people, and probably some other stuff too.

And they chat, I guess. The general idea seems to be that just seeing words scrolling on a screen is insufficient for conveying a message, and that this can be much better accomplished if those words are spoken by a pig in a straw hat standing in an underwater superheros lair. Well, Ive taken their bait.

Heres a link to Coconut Petes Pleasure Island. If you ever want to drop in, feel free to do so, and - by all means - put some couches around or something. Perhaps it will remain more secure than the CGHM forum that was so thoughtlessly raided by spamming robots years ago.

In other news, when I hear Pygmalion, I think pig. It turns out I, and George Bernard Shaw, couldnt be further from the truth: Pygmalion is a Cypriot sculptor who loves a beautiful chick statue. Put that one down as another mark against the U.S. public education system.

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